Cancellation/Refund Policy

The APICS Charlotte Chapter Cancellation/Refund Policy differs according to the event type. Please read the cancellation and refund policy below according to the type of event you are attending.

Professional Development Meetings:

Cancellations are allowed up to twelve (12) hours before the event starts. If you have paid in advance with a credit card or check and your cancellation is received no later than 1 hour before the event starts, the APICS Charlotte Chapter will provide a full refund. Cancellations and Refunds after the event starts will not be allowed and you will forfeit any payment made.

Education Classes, Seminars, and Other Programs:

If paid in advance with a credit card or check, cancellations along with full refunds are allowed no later than 1 week (7 days) before the event starts. Cancellations less than 7 days before the event carry a $50 cancellation fee. In other words, a full refund will be made minus a $50 cancellation fee. Once the program starts, cancellations (no shows) carries a $100 cancellation fee.


Processing a Cancellation/Refund:

Anytime before the event starts, click on the sign-up link for the event and from the Reservation dropdown select "Cancel". Your cancellation is immediate. If you paid for your reservation by credit card, be sure to Contact Us for a refund.

If you have a question about our cancellation and/or refund policy, please feel free to contact us at:

 [email protected].